myoga London

Classes every Tuesday 1-2pm | All levels welcome

About Myoga London

‘Hi, My name is Karina, I am passionate about life and a strong believer of a positive happy lifestyle. I want to share with you about myself and my journey to create Myoga.London

I am a mother of 4 beautiful human beings that fill me with joy and teach me new lessons everyday. Although my first contact with yoga was years ago when I was a teenager and was introduced to yoga to do some breath work for my musical theater career, it was in fact my journey to find yoga began about 8 years ago. After the birth of my Daughter Kataleya, in the pursuit of improving my fitness and returning to my prenatal body I began to practice yoga regularly. However it wasn’t until after having my son 2 years after that I started seeing yoga as more than a workout but for what it actually was.

Yoga For Everyone And Every body

I completed a lifestyle that nourished my body, mind and soul and it kept me going back to the mat and drove me into wanting to dig deeper to learn all that was open to me. I remember going to an ashtanga yoga class in this London studio that I loved. I found it to be a complete temple in a busy city and after my class I could hear some chanting that drew me in, everyone was wearing this white clothing, the life and energy in that room was so real and I had to experience it, this is how I found Kundalini and fell in love instantly.

The more I attended yoga classes the clearer it became that there was some sort of calling as much as this sounds like a Cliché, I knew that I needed to learn more about this lifestyle and I also knew I wanted to share it and let as many people as I could know about this way of living (especially my loved ones). So I emerged myself in the journey: fully committed to trust in the process.

 Myoga.London has been progressing for a while and now I am hoping to bring yoga to as many people as I can.

 I believe everyone can live a little happier when practicing different elements of yoga.’